Supplementary Information for Royer et al. (2008) paper

Image files

Below are downloads for all image files used by Royer et al. (2008). The total size of the individual image files for each species is noted. For the Quercus kelloggii files, each number (001 to 154) represents a different tree, and each letter represents a different leaf on that tree. For the Acer rubrum files, in most cases all leaves from a single site are contained in a single file; exceptions to this have the suffix "#[number]". See "Other supplementary information" below for physiognomic and environmental information about all leaves. All images are completely unprocessed and in .TIF (Q. kelloggii) or .NEF (A. rubrum) format; all images require some sharpening and contrast adjustment. Scale bar units = 1 cm.

You are welcome to use these images and data for your own research. We only ask that you let us know and acknowledge us in any resulting publications. Processed images, which include clean backgrounds and tooth selection, are available upon request. Reproduction of the images posted here is prohibited for commercial use.

Quercus kelloggii (sites 1-25) (456 Mb)
Quercus kelloggii (sites 26-50) (582 Mb)
Quercus kelloggii (sites 51-75) (346 Mb)
Quercus kelloggii (sites 76-110) (415 Mb)
Quercus kelloggii (sites 111-154) (423 Mb)

Acer rubrum (first half of sites) (429 Mb)
Acer rubrum (second half of sites) (429 Mb)

Other supplementary information

[pdf] Royer DL, McElwain JC, Adams JM, Wilf P. 2008. Sensitivity of leaf size and shape to climate within Acer rubum and Quercus kelloggii. New Phytologist, 179: 808-817.
       [txt] Physiognomic and environmental data for all leaves used in study