Leaf images for Digital leaf physiognomy calibration, including CLAMP sites

Image downloads for Huff et al. (2003), Royer et al. (2005), and Peppe et al. (2011) papers

Image files

Below are downloads for all image files of extant leaves used by Huff et al. (2003), Royer et al. (2005), and Peppe et al. (2011). Sites prefaced with asterisks (*) come from Huff et al. and with double asterisks (**) from Royer et al. Sites prefaced with carrots (^) come from CLAMP vouchers. Sites are arranged by geographic region. For further details of sites, including collection protocols and location of voucher specimens, see original papers.

The total size of the individual zip files for each site is noted. The components of the file names include the site name, species name, and, when appropriate, ID number. Nomenclature for genera follow APGIII. Some synonymies remain in parentheses to facilitate reconciliation with labels on herbarium sheets. A digital camera or flatbed scanner were used to capture all images. All image files are completely unprocessed and in jpeg format; they require some sharpening and contrast adjustment. Scale bar units = 1 cm, unless noted otherwise.

You are welcome to use these images and data for your own research. We only ask that you let us know (Dana Royer, Daniel Peppe, or Peter Wilf) and acknowledge us in any resulting publications. Processed images, which include clean backgrounds and tooth selection, are available by request. Specimens from CLAMP sites and some specimens from Barro Colorado Island are provided courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution. Reproduction of images posted here is prohibited for commercial use.

eastern North America
**Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire (31 Mb)
*Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania (34 Mb)
**Harvard Forest, Massachusetts (98 Mb)
**E. N. Huyck Preserve and Biological Research Station, New York (50 Mb)
**Institute for Ecosystem Studies, New York (72 Mb)
**Cockaponset State Forest, Connecticut (36 Mb)
Connecticut River, near Middletown, Connecticut (487 Mb)
Connecticut River-swamp, near Middletown, Connecticut (310 Mb)
Connecticut River-upland, near Middletown, Connecticut (317 Mb)
**Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Pennsylvania (44 Mb)
*York County, Pennsylvania (39 Mb)
**Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Maryland (38 Mb)
**Duke Forest, North Carolina (106 Mb)
**Little Pee Dee State Park, South Carolina (57 Mb)
**Big Hammock Natural Area and Wildlife Management Area, Georgia (47 Mb)
**Dilcher's Woods lowland, Gainesville, Florida (38 Mb)
**Dilcher's Woods upland, Gainesville, Florida (45 Mb)
**Archbold Biological Station, Florida (78 Mb)
**Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, Florida (35 Mb)

western North America
^Portal, Arizona (246 Mb)
^Childs, Arizona (158 Mb)
^Red Fleet Reservoir, Utah (152 Mb)
^Wolf Creek, Colorado (150 Mb)
^Santa Cruz (New Brighton State Beach), California (191 Mb)
^Half Moon Bay, California (172 Mb)
^Placerville, California (194 Mb)
^Bandon, Oregon (170 Mb)
^Nestucca River, Oregon (109 Mb)
^Hood River, Oregon (195 Mb)
^Cape Blanco, Oregon (188 Mb)
^Government Camp (Multorpor Mountain), Oregon (218 Mb)
^North Bend, Oregon (180 Mb)
^Parkdale (Hood River), Oregon (224 Mb)
^Powers (Coquille River), Oregon (180 Mb)
^Three Lynx (Clackamas River), Oregon (205 Mb)
^Clearwater, WA (154 Mb)
^Republic (North Fork of Sanpoil River), Washington (197 Mb)

^Ketchikan (164 Mb)
^Talkneetna (Susitna River) (246 Mb)
^Homer (Kachemak Bay) (139 Mb)

Wiliwili Nui Ridge trail, Oahu (scale is 300 dpi, unless noted otherwise in filename; key for leaf selection is in enclosed .txt file) (103 Mb)

Puerto Rico
^Guanica State Forest (205 Mb)
^Borinquen (in Guanica State Forest) (247 Mb)
^Cabo Rojo (in Borinquen State Forest) (214 Mb)
^Monte Guilarte (in Guilarte Commonwealth Forest) (164 Mb)
^Buena Vista (in Maricao State Forest) (280 Mb)
^Toro Negro State Forest (333 Mb)
^Guajataca (289 Mb)

Central America
Chamela Biological Station, Jalisco, Mexico (143 Mb)
^Alamos, Sonora, Mexico (222 Mb)
^Empalme, Sonora, Mexico (119 Mb)
^Nuri, Sonora, Mexico (197 Mb)
^Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico (247 Mb)
^San Bartolo, Baja California Sur, Mexico (161 Mb)
*Barro Colorado Island, Panama (97 Mb)

northern South America
Gorgona Island, Colombia (156 Mb)
Yasuni National Park ridgetop & upper slope, Ecuador (493 Mb)
Yasuni National Park valley bottom, Ecuador (281 Mb)
Ducke Reserve, Brazil (305 Mb)
El Rey National Park, Argentina (52 Mb)

southern South America
Los Queles, Chile (14 Mb)
Los Ruiles, Chile (14 Mb)
Cordillera Pelado, Chile (14 Mb)
Nahuelbuta, Chile (17 Mb)

Alcornocales Natural Park, Spain (scale is 2x2 cm square, unless noted otherwise in filename) (3 Mb)

^Chuzenji-ko, Honshu (278 Mb)
^Suganuma, Honshu (114 Mb)
^Yakusugi 260m, Yakushima (280 Mb)
^Yakusugi 800m, Yakushima (249 Mb)
^Yakusugi 1080m, Yakushima (180 Mb)
^Yakusugi 1350m, Yakushima (143 Mb)
^Nagakubo, Yakushima (369 Mb)

Robinson Falls (250 Mb)
Pasoh Forest Reserve (333 Mb)
Tanjung Tuan (216 Mb)
FRIM Kepong (235 Mb)
Danum Valley Field Center, Borneo (information about scale and leaf selection is in enclosed .txt file) (77 Mb)

^Keka, Cakaudrove Province, Fiji (310 Mb)
^Seqaqa, Cakaudrove Province, Fiji (156 Mb)
Kuringai Chase National Park (Murrua Track), New South Wales, Australia (31 Mb)
Kuringai Chase National Park (West Head), New South Wales, Australia (35 Mb)
Round Hill Nature Reserve (mallee), New South Wales, Australia (31 Mb)
Round Hill Nature Reserve (woodland), New South Wales, Australia (37 Mb)
Noah Creek, Queensland, Australia (151 Mb)
Margaret Creek, Western Australia (22 Mb)
Frodsham, Tasmania, Australia (5 Mb)
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (16 Mb)
Mt. Read, Tasmania, Australia (6 Mb)
Okataina, New Zealand (scale is 1x1 cm square) (31 Mb)
Foxton Estuary, New Zealand (64 Mb)
Gouland Downs, New Zealand (83 Mb)
Kaimanawa Mountains, New Zealand (170 Mb)

Associated papers, including supplementary information

[pdf] Huff PM, Wilf P, Azumah EJ. 2003. Digital future for paleoclimate estimation from fossil leaves? Preliminary results. Palaios 18: 266-274.

[pdf] Royer DL, Wilf P, Janesko DA, Kowalski EA, Dilcher DL. 2005. Correlations of climate and plant ecology to leaf size and shape: potential proxies for the fossil record. American Journal of Botany 92: 1141-1151.
       Supplementary information

[pdf] Peppe DJ, Royer DL, Cariglino B, Oliver SY, Newman S, Leight E, Enikolopov G, Fernandez-Burgos M, Herrera F, Adams JM, Correa E, Currano ED, Erickson JM, Hinojosa LF, Iglesias A, Jaramillo CA, Johnson KR, Jordan GJ, Kraft N, Lovelock EC, Lusk CH, Niinemets ▄, Pe˝uelas J, Rapson G, Wing SL, Wright IJ. 2011. Sensitivity of leaf size and shape to climate: global patterns and paleoclimatic applications. New Phytologist, 190: 724-739.
       Supplemental information